Our Content Policy

There is a subject we want to draw on. Pixhells.Com does not produce pictures. It offers a service for processing and sharing pictures. We carefully select images for you and present them to your liking.

Our main content sources are specified in the footer area of ​​our site. We carefully select and categorize our images from stock photo sites for you. We also allow you to resize these images specifically for your devices such as computers, tablets and phones.

If you cannot find the suitable brand and model option for your device in the related list, let us know. We add quickly. Or, to be faster, use the 'Other Devices' option and write the screen resolution you want and create your wallpaper

We take great care to create our content with smooth images that are not copyrighted and to share the content information with you. However, if you come across content that you think is not available on Pixhells.com, please contact us and report it.

Translation Errors

Pixhells.com supports multiple languages. If you think that this is our cross-language translation error, you can contribute to us by contacting us. We also accept paid translation requests. For information about this, please contact our Facebook page.