Image Properties

Property Value
Image Size 0.58 Mb
Image Resolution
Width * Height
1920 * 2845 px
Image Format image/jpeg
Image Categories Movies Wallpapers
Added 2021-02-08 01:04:52

ANGEL HAS FALLEN Background image for phones

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You can custom format and download the ANGEL HAS FALLEN wallpaper to your phone. It supports many brands and models. Movies Wallpapers wallpapers are very popular lately. Wallpaper named ANGEL HAS FALLEN will look great on your phone. Many wallpapers like this one are waiting for you to discover in the Movies Wallpapers category.

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ANGEL HAS FALLEN wallpaper has a resolution of 1920 * 2845. The picture format is image/jpeg. This picture will take up a total of 0.58 Mb in your phone's memory. Horizontal / Vertical ratio is 0.67.
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